Our Story:

My wife and I never planned on having a coffee business, but in 1994 in the mountains of Alaska, we happened upon a small coffee shop and a cup of coffee that was so remarkable, it changed our lives. We couldn’t wait to tell our friends & family. After inquiring as to where his roasted beans came from and where we might purchase them, the distinctive gentleman behind the bar told us that he roasted his own beans. We asked if we could see his roaster and he smiled and gladly gave us a personal tour of his family-owned roasting operation. At that moment, we knew we would be long-term customers of this Master Roaster.

The rest is history, as they say. His roasters were shipped to Alaska from France and Portugal, where the finest roasters in the world are made. He was trained on a coffee plantation in Central America where he discovered his passion for coffee and roasting. His attention to detail and quality is obvious with every cup.

My wife and I decided that we wanted to offer our own blend of coffee, roasted by this amazing Alaskan Master Roaster. Our mission is to share this coffee experience with the world and raise the standard for the freshest and finest coffee available by introducing Bruin Bean Enterprize’s own blend, Alaska Supreme Coffee TM.

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Our Coffee

Rediscover your Passion and Take a Tantalizing Journey by trying Alaska Supreme Coffee™! “Always Fresh, Always Satisfying, Always Distinctive!”

Bruin Enterprizes, LLC, is pleased to offer the finest coffee available online……one that is never stale, bitter or dry……..one that is always Fresh, Rich, Full Bodied & Aromatic. Consistency in quality is our goal.

Whether it be Drip, Espresso, K-Cup or French Press, Bruin Bean Coffee TM offers a Premium Blend of Colombian, Sumatran & Peaberry beans providing you a wonderful experience to begin or end your day.

As eloquently shared from one of our customers, “(Alaska Supreme Coffee is) dark, rich and smells wonderful. It exits my Kuerig with that thin, light tan, almost foamy top-layer floating on the smoothest, broad, deep-tasting coffee you’ll ever try. Pure coffee heaven.” Try it for yourself. Click the “Buy From Amazon” Button at the Bottom of This Page.

Alaska Mountain Air Roasting: The Bruin Bean Coffee Way

Coffee Roasting Defined.

Roasting coffee correctly is truly an art form that is practiced by only a few Master Roasters that have dedicated their lives to the art of discovering and awakening the potential flavors that hide within each bean. This art form begins at the very first stage when the beans are picked and selected. Attention to detail is the Golden Rule of the “Master Roaster”.
Not all coffee beans are created equal and even a Master Roaster can’t find flavors and aromas that aren’t there; this is why great care is taken to hand select the very best beans, and all phases of transport and storage are of the highest quality. The journey from Central America to Alaska is a long and unusual one and many have asked why? When you combine Alaska Pure Mountain Air TM with these wonderful beans, air roasted by our Master Roaster, all doubt is removed and the questions are answered. Your search is over!

Why Alaska Pure Mountain Air TM?

We are continuously being asked how this coffee can be so much better than anything else they’ve tried and it is always consistent and never disappointing. This is how we answer: All coffee is roasted with air! Don’t be fooled by claims of “air roasted coffee is best”; it is the quality of the air being used combined with temperature and humidity that produces the perfect roast. The air that is used to roast Alaska Supreme Coffee TM comes out of the mountains of Alaska, sweeping down from the glaciers and across the nearby valleys and lakes, as pure and as clean as Mother Nature can provide. This is where art and experience meet science and the roaster creates his masterpiece! As with any art form, the artist is free to express and create from within a place that only he can go! His connection with his creation is no less than the connection with a family member or an old friend, something he doesn’t take lightly or for granted and requires nurturing and care.

The Style and Type of Roaster is Important!

There are several types of roasters being used today, Drum, Hot-Air, Packed Bed, Tangential and Centrifugal Roaster. Our Roaster uses a state-of-the-art cast iron hot air roaster from Portugal. He truly believes that this is the best, and the proof rests with his creation and Bruin’s signature blend, Alaska Supreme Coffee TM. Hot-air roasters force heated air through a screen or perforated plate under the coffee beans with sufficient force to lift the beans. Heat is transferred to the beans as they tumble and circulate floating within this bed of fluid-like air. This vortex roasts each coffee bean at the same rate from all directions. We at Bruin Bean Coffee TM believe there is no better way to roast than using a cast iron roaster combined with the skills of our Master Roaster. As the beans heat up, they breathe, open up and caramelize during the roasting process. Soon they shed their skin, called the chaff, and the hot air blows the chaff into a separate chamber. The smoke that is created during the roasting process is not allowed to hang around the beans in the roasting chamber which prevents our coffee from absorbing the burnt smoky taste that plagues so many other coffees.

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